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Online slots guide!

Hot Keys

The list of Winter Fun slots Hot Keys.

↑ - lines +; ↓ - lines -;
home - lines max; end - lines min; → - lines bet + ;
- lines bet +;
page up - lines bet max;
page down - lines bet min;
enter, space - spin/stop/restart;
esc, p - pay table; m - max bet

Winter Fun Slots

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! You can play Winter Fun slots to feel real winter with all its treats and attractions. Actually, it is a true winter fun with the gingerbread cookies, Christmas bells and snowmen.

Even if the Christmas holidays are far behind or it is not time to celebrate yet, why not to have fun and play this game of chance any time you want. Feel the holiday spirit as soon as you start playing. Animation is a masterpiece of the winter theme. The sounds and music inspire each and every spin.

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