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Online blackjack guide!
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Online blackjack guide!

How to Play Pontoon?

  • 1. First of all, you have to sign in or go through the registration process (register your account)
  • 2. After this you need to choose bet amount, using chips on the right of the game menu
  • 3. Game rules can be found in the Main menu
  • 4. You may save your score any time. In this case you have to use the Submit score button
  • 5. Having $1000 balance, your results will appear at high scores
  • 6. Balance checking may be done if you open My scores page
  • 7. If you press Sign inlink, you may sign in the game

Pontoon Blackjack Game

Pontoon game can be played without any downloading for free. In order to start playing the game, initially you have to place your bet by choosing a chip. The game rules will be found in the game. Pontoon quite resembles the classic blackjack game, with additional bonuses and the actions named in the following way: Stick, Buy and Twist.

Pontoon Rules:

  • You may hit after doubling, double any 2-4 hand once
  • Dealer will win ties
  • Player will hit on fourteen or less
  • Pontoon will pay 2 to 1, five-card hand ≤ twenty-one will beat Pontoon
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